How to automate screening emails with AI for Hey.com
Screenshot of Hey.com, feature demo of The Screener

Hey.com is an email service launched in June 2020 by Basecamp. It's designed to offer users a fresh approach to handling email, emphasizing privacy and organization. Notable features include:

  • The Screener: When someone emails you for the first time, you can decide if you want to hear from them again. This helps to keep your inbox clean and free from unwanted messages.

  • Feed and Paper Trail: These separate areas in the service allow you to categorize emails that are informational or transactional respectively, without cluttering the main inbox.

  • Privacy Focus: Hey.com blocks spy pixels and other tracking tools that senders use to detect when you've opened an email, protecting your activity from being monitored.

  • Bundles and Replies: It helps in organizing similar emails together and streamlines the responses to make managing and replying to emails more efficient.

However, sometimes it is overwhelming to screen all those emails coming from unknown senders and there’s time known senders also send emails that you didn’t want.

If this is the case, try Empty's AI filter for your Hey email address. Setting up only requires three steps:

  • 1. Sign up with Empty and claim your Empty email address.
  • 2. Customize your AI filter settings.
  • 3. Set your recipient as Hey.com.

Once your setup is done, Empty will autonomously screen your emails. You'll notice a reduction in unwanted emails reaching your Hey.com inbox, saving you time and keeping your focus on the messages that matter.

Create your custom AI filter for email.