How to curate your Matter reading list with personal AI
Matter is a better reader for all of your writers.

Matter pulls everything you want to read into one beautiful place. With powerful tools, curation, seamless audio and more, matter is building a reader for today's internet.

Matter Email is a feature that enables you to subscribe to whatever writers you want and read their latest articles on Matter.

screenshot of Matter Email, Source: getmatter.com

However, sometimes it’s hard to manage your Matter inbox since you cannot control individual writer’s ups and downs, writing frequencies. Some of their articles would delight you but sometimes it could be overwhelming.

If this is the case, setup your empty email address as a place where you subscribe all of your favorite writers and let your Empty AI curate the best reading list.

You can enjoy a Matter reading list that is tailored to your interests, without the stress of managing a flood of articles.

Create your custom AI filter for email.